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Management System 3.1 

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The Four Components

The Four Capabilities

  • Design & Operate Work to See Problems

  • Solve Problems Close in Person, Place & Time


  • Capture & Share Knoweldge from Solving Problems

  • Managers Coach (1-3)

Management Matters

Management Matters (Management System)
  • 25% Faster Growth

  • 75% Higher Productivity

  • 10 Fold Innovation Increase

DoD Opportunity Cost

420,000 Managers

DoD is the largest employer in the US (military, civil servants, contractors).


Approximately 420,000 managers across military, government and non-profit organizations directly and indirectly shape the overall success of the DoD mission. 

$716 Billion (USD)

Even a small improvement in the management capability of the DoD yields significant savings that can be reinvested in military development efforts or applied to other priorities (education, healthcare, etc) 

16th Largest Economy

Every economic sector is involved in our nations defense (Aircraft, Ship, Ground Vehicles, Space, Electronics, Materials, Distribution, Radar, Munitions & Missiles, Fuels, Commodities, Retail Operations, etc)

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