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Develop the People

Updated: May 1, 2020

TTP’s to develop the capability of people for their current role (coaching) and for future roles (mentoring).


Developing the workforce for future roles.

Managers Coach the People

Awareness: Applies to the managers awareness of the management best practices to increase "management capability" to solve problems. "Management Matters"

Practice Routine: Creating a deliberate practice routine to form a standard way of solving problems close in person, place and time.

Capability 1 (C1) 3-Step Design Walk

  1. Define the Problem

  2. Grasp the Current Condition

  3. Identify the Root Cause(s)

Capability 2 (C2) 4-Step Improvement Sprint

  1. Develop Target Conditions

  2. Implement Countermeasures

  3. Check (Plan vs. Actual)

  4. Act on Learnings

Capability 3 (C3) 3-Step Knowledge Flow

  1. Capture (the knowledge)

  2. Validate (the knowledge)

  3. Share (the knowledge)

Capability 4 (C4) 5-Step Coaching Cycle (C4)

  1. What is your target condition?

  2. What is your current condition?

  3. What is preventing you from closing the gap (root cause)?

  4. What are your next steps (action)?

  5. When can we go and see what you have learned from taking those actions?

Execute to Standard: Management provides corrective feedback to employees to ensure routines are executed to standard.

Coach Others: Coach others everyday to pursue ideal condition.

Manager Once Removed (MoR) Mentor the People

Manager once removed is a manager managing at a level below their direct reports (also managers) to ensure their direct reports are exercising sound managerial leadership practices, establishing work levels, developing a pool of talent for succession planning, and ensure employees are treated fairly across the organization.

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