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People (Rules, Ideal Condition & TTP's)

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Admiral Rickover, Farther of the Nuclear Navy

Rule Statement:

Develop and deliver capable people “just in time” (right role, right qty, right time).

Ideal Condition:

  • Commitment to the role

  • Problem solving capacity

  • Knowledge and Abilities

  • Positive Temperament (no minus T)

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's):

  • Takt Time (People): TTP’s to set the pace of developing capable people to match the pace of demand (roles to be filled).

  • Assess the People: TTP’s to assess the applied capability of people in their current role and potential capability for their future role.

  • Develop the People: TTP’s to develop the capability of people for their current role (coaching) and for future roles (mentoring).

  • Source the People: TTP’s to source people capable of being developed to fill current and future roles (outlined in “role responsibility”).

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