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Process (Rules, Ideal Condition & TTP's)

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Taiichi Ohno, Farther of Toyota Production System

Rule Statement:

Develop the process to deliver “just in time” (right product, right qty, right time, right cost).

Ideal Condition:

  • On-demand (actual customer pull)

  • No waiting (0 lead-time)

  • Zero Defect

  • Perfect Safety (physical, emotional, professional)

  • No Waste (over production, over processing, transport, inventory, movement, waiting, rework/defect)

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's):

  • Takt Time (Product): TTP’s to set the pace of production to match pace of customer demand (net available time / customer demand).

  • One Piece Flow: TTP’s to produce and move one product at a time (or in small batches) continuously across processing steps.

  • Level Pull: TTP’s to level the type & quantity of production over a fixed period of time; and a pull method of production control where downstream activities signal their needs to upstream activities.

  • Standard Work: TTP’s to define current best method for performing an activity (standard sequence, standard WIP and standard time).

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